There are few times when one is alone as when one is attempting to discover the truth of their own identity,   friends  and counselors can help but a lot of the work has to done with the confines on one’s head and it can be easy to get lost in their somedays. Which is why I was happy to hear about Dara Hoffman-fox’s book  You and your gender identity a guide to self-discovery.   The book is work book with a well detailed plan to allow you from going from questioning your who you really are to being able to make concrete statements about how you wish the world to see you. The book covers, preparation,  reflection and exploration with real world  advice guiding  This includes  dealing with current fears, your childhood,  exploring your gender role thru  through imagination and reality.  This book  provide a skeleton that you put the meat on the bones by answering thought provoking questions.  I know it help me to see some things and  will probably do the same for you.    

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