So what is the point of doing a review of a movie that came out months or years ago. Well its my blog so :-P.   but actually I hope to  start sharing my journey with those close  to me and hope that this blog  would help them with  understanding and to do that I figure I should include what I thought of movies that are out there.

So where do I began – I do have a list in my head of flicks I want to touch on but the one at the top of that list is Boy meets Girl directed by Eric Schaeffer. And  staring  Michelle Hendley. The film which came out in 2014 and I discovered on Netflix became my movie to watch on the days I would get the house all to myself and I could just be. (then they took it off and I had to get my own copy)   The movie was my first seeing a Transgender person  as the main character in a film who was living as the person they wanted to be. The movie deals with the steps she took to get there as well as the continuing complications of her life but for some reason it just gives me a moment of reassurance every time I watch it.  The plot  opens with Ricky Jones(   Michelle Hendley ) meeting and dating her first girl friend, Francesca Duval (Alexandra Turshen). This is a new experience and is the matter is complicated by Francesca being engaged to a marine.  The movie takes us on a  complicated yet honest  trip to Ricky finding true love.   The movie is intercut with a video message from a younger Ricky that we do not get to see in totality till the end, one that still makes me tear up even after multiple viewings.  In short  it’s a great movie with wonderful performances that entertains, teaches and pulls at the heart strings.  

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One thought on “review of boy meets girl”
  1. It doesn’t matter when a movie was released in order to review it! There are so many! I always have a list of what I want to see when the new movies for a season are advertised, and reviewed before release. I still haven’t seen many of those movies, and have added to the list.

    Thanks for this review. I didn’t know that’s what the movie was about.

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