Review of cost of honor by Radclyffe

Cost of Honor the latest in the honor series from Radclyffe tells the story of Oakes Weaver a secret service agent who  has to deal with the death of one of the president’s inner circle, a possible threat of mass violence and the introduction of Ari Rostoff the new campaign manager for the president who might be part of the mystery or maybe the love of her life.

The novel also features the return of fan favorite characters first daughter Blair Powell and her spouse Cameron Robert.

First off I have to say that Radclyffe writes great love scenes and not just Love scenes but also love scenes, we get many views into a happy long term couple that still love and cherish one another, something we don’t see enough of in the romance genre.  The characters are great and well developed, from the initial verbal sparring and undercurrent romance between Oakes and Ari all the way to the High profile crimes unit in Philadelphia (who if they do already have a series of their own needs to have one started immediately).  The plot revolves around a white supremacist attack on a presidents campaign that seems all too real in this day and age but it does not detract from the interactions of the characters which where the book really shines.

The only thing I would say is a negative is that I probably did not catch all the references and characters who have appeared in other volumes of the honor series but that is on me for not having discovered this series sooner and while fans of the series will get bonus thrills the story stands strongly on its own merit.

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