Seeking Contribtors

Paper Phoenix Ink is looking for contributors.    As I have stated other places on the site I created Paper Phoenix with a couple things in mind, one because I think the world could always use one more place to see diverse creators, two I have a need to create and write and want a place to share things, and thirdly as a neurodiverse  queer person I have had a craving to work with a group of people who share my passions and understand the struggles that life can throw at you.

                So first the bad news – I am not a place where I can pay for contributors. I know that makes me kind of a bitch and I know that “exposure” does not pay any bills. I can offer some things – I can provide access to people and  companies,  review copies,  as well your first byline from which you can catapult yourself to bigger and better things.  

                Would love to have people  in any area of pop culture  , but especially music,  movies, comic books or novels. And I would do almost anything to hook up with a person comfortable in front of a camera with a good speaking voice.

Drop me a line at with a sample of your writing and  we can  work together to create great things for ourselves and the community .