Name: Mark KempSpecialties (i.e inker, penciler, computer colorer, painter): Digital colouring and renderingStyle / Genre: Simple digital style, teen / young adult fantasy
Contact info:
Page rate for commissions: I am a hobbyist, and as such I don’t charge anything! I am always open to request and love to give people work for free.
Rate for Prints of original work: Again, I don’t charge anything and make all my work available for free to anyone who wants it. However, I do have a merch store for my comics (currently under construction) where people can get clothing and accessories with my designs on them!
Previous work: I have worked on two previous comics totalling 1500+ pages, which are still up on my Deviantart page. I have also worked on PMVs (picture music videos) and character creators, which are up on my Tumblr.
Current projects: I am currently working on my third comic, Origin, which has just hit 70 pages!
What was your first project that made you feel like a real artist and how did you get it? Back in 2014, I was contacted by a youtuber with a decent sized fanbase to produce icons and cover images for his channel – it was the first time I realised I could actually produce art for others, and that they would actually like it! 
What is your primary inspiration when creating art?It may sound cliche, but I love to tell stories. I love making people happy and excited, and encouraging viewer engagement with my comics. So in 2013, when I came across a popular “Ask” series on Deviantart, I knew I had to try it for myself! Now, my inspiration comes from the amazing engagement and suggestions from my audience. 
What other artists do you use to learn technique?I am a big fan of comics, and comic artist Phil Noto has been a big influence on me with his dynamic, not-overtly-sexualised female characters.
Where would you like to see yourself in five years with your art?I would like to be able to support myself on my art alone, and consider my art good enough to take commissions instead of requests.
What would your dream project be?I would love to work on a book or podcast adaptation; podcasts are gaining in popularity and it would be great to help bring one to life!

Final four questions –we ask everybody
Q) When the zombies take over the world where will you be?I’ll be one of the undead of course! Nothing like an eternal shambling flash mob!
Q ) How do you identify Jedi, lesbian, Ninja, gay, vampire, bisexual, were-wolf, transgender, pirate, asexual, fairy, aromantic, sith, intersex, Spartan, non binary, furry, queer, …? ?I am bisexual and transgender!
Q) What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. It’s a classic Sci-Fi series, and one of my all-time favourite reads.
Q) Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?
Despite the light family-friendly tone of my comics and my young target audience, I am actually a huge fan of horror, the gorier the better!

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