So I got a chance to check out the new book by Jesse Thoma, Hero complex,  it’s a good dip into the super hero genre for people who do not want to have to watch19 movies to get up to speed.

The story centers around Bronte Scales a scientist who is developing nanotechnology to cure cancer whose work is sought by the head of a greedy corporation.   She is captured and held prisoner until a new nurse at the facility Athena Papadaki ends up freeing her and some other inhabitants and before you know it the group is on the run and forced to join forces to stop the evil corporations plans for world domination.

The book was pleasant to read, the world building was light but the snarky banter between Athena and Bronte as their romance grows was entertaining.  I also really enjoyed that Athena the person in the foursome who does not have any powers grows to be the center of the group and the heart of their found family.  You should pick this one up if you are a fan or romance, super heroes or both.

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