I recently made the discovery of a new (to me but not her fans) author Katia Rose. She loves to write romances that make her readers laugh, cry, and swoon (preferably in that order) and I can’t wait to crack into her newest books. She was courteous enough to a break from writing to grace us with her wit and wisdom.

I saw that you have an anti -racist business plan, why was it important for you to implement it and post on your website?

I think those of us born with privilege have a responsibility to be continually unpacking it and actively fighting against the systems of oppression we’re all a part of, especially if we’ve got a public platform to speak from, no matter how small it may be. The romance novel community isn’t exempt from those systems, and I want to be a part of making the world I read and write in a place where everyone has access to what they need to thrive and celebrate themselves. Publicly holding myself accountable with the use of an anti-racist business plan helps me make sure I’m putting my words and beliefs into action.

I saw that you create a Pinterest board for your novels is there any other way you get  into the heads of  the characters  you are creating?

Pinterest is definitely the first stop for me when I’m dreaming up a new story! I also have a character drafting worksheet I fill out for most of my protagonists, and I love putting together themed playlists for all of my books.

Your latest novel Girlfriend material is one part harry met sally, one part my fair lady and a whole a lot of queer, what inspired you to come up with the story?

I absolutely love that description of the book! Through writing my novel The Devil Wears Tartan, I discovered that I have a great time writing stories about old hobbies of mine and that a lot of readers love diving into a niche interest they can learn more about. For The Devil Wears Tartan, the focus was highland dance, and in Girlfriend Material, I went back to my roots as a wannabe seamstress with an interest in costume design. I considered doing a costume design program after high school, so it was really fun to vicariously experience what that might have been like through both heroines in Girlfriend Material.

Besides your novel writing you keep up a blog and a busy Facebook  group, is connecting with your fans and the community important to you?

Absolutely! The sense of community in the romance genre is one of my favourite things about it. A big part of why I write what I do is to help readers feel less alone and have the chance to see themselves reflected in books in a way they might not have before. Keeping that connection going after the story is over is so special to me.

You seem to have a love of the romance genre, who are your favorite authors to learn the writing craft from?                           

I’ve been a big fan of Melanie Harlow since my very earliest romance reading days, and I’m so grateful to be a member of a Facebook group she runs for authors. She’s incredibly generous with her knowledge and time. Kandi Steiner and Staci Hart are another two authors who come to mind for their generosity in sharing tips and resources as well as support for up and coming authors who want to learn all they can.

Have you decided what your next project is going to be?

I have the ideas for all my 2023 releases already! Now I just have to finish writing them haha. I’m currently working on a special project that will not be releasing this year, and after that I’m tackling my first ever sapphic series! My past few books have all been standalones, so I’m excited to dive back into all the fun of crafting a series.

If people want more info about you or your books where should they go?

My website is a great place to start. I have information about all of my books there, links to all my social media profiles, and it’s also where I host an awesome community of fellow romance fanatics called Club Katia! I have some free stories available exclusively for club members there too. You can find out more at www.katiarose.com/club-katia

Final four questions –we ask everybody
Q) When the zombies take over the world where will you be?

My brother is a certified first responder with a lot of knowledge about how to survive in the woods, so I’d probably be running to wherever he is.

Q )  What is your favorite Fandom

Ahhh it’s so hard to pick a favourite! I’ve been a big Lord of the Rings fan for most of my life, so I’m probably going to have to go with that.

Q) What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?

This is another hard question! I don’t know if I can narrow it down to a top pick, but I’ll go with a new addition for me. I recently visited a Nick Cave (the sculptor, that is, not the musician) exhibit on a trip to New York and feel so lucky to have gotten to experience his work in person. His Soundsuit series and the story behind them is something everyone should look into.

Q) Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?

I ran for Head Girl in elementary school. I definitely don’t seem like the type, and I have no idea what possessed me to enter a student council election.

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