So I was restarting the site and wondering what should I review kick off the new start and what do I find in my email but the final issue of the space opera bromance comic book Crash and Troy from a wave blue comics and wow it’s a good one. It looked interesting but as soon as I saw the splash page of Troy hacking a system while riding a holographic cat, I was like got to open this one up right now.
The tale began with our pair of protagonists having broken out a inmate from a maximum security prison who happened to be a tyrant bent on revenge and galaxy wide domination. They broker a deal to recapture the escaped convict with the help of their law enforcement handler Delphi. The end of issue 3 left our heroes broken and captured.

The last issue tells the tale of their making a final attempt to stop the slaughter they unknowingly set in motion. The comic is full of great art by Kyler Clodfelter and snappy writing by Jarred Luján . The only real thing I can say against it is I wish they could have done this over a longer series of issues so we would have more time with these characters and their journey. I hope that we might get to see more of them in the future.

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