Review of Not Your Average Love Spell by Barbara Ann Wright

Not your average love spell is the tale of four women thrust together to try and save a kingdom.  The knights of the flame  need to move their army across the world to stave off an eminent threat.  The order assigns Major Sydney to work with the lovely master librarian Camille to come up a plan. The problem is the only solution is for them to seek out the services of a witch. A user of the very magic that the order of the flame is hellbent on removing from the world. The witch and her companion Ember agree to help but the four of them are betrayed and their lives are turned into chaos as they struggle to save the world and each other.

Not your average love spell is a great story filled with magic, wonderous creatures and adventure but what I really enjoyed about the book was the way that the characters grew. The adapted, challenged their own belief and customs and  not only found true love but also became better people and leaned to accept others for the way they were. It is a great thing to read in these trying times and I took hope from it. The story pulls  with enough magic to feel like a fully fleshed out fantasy world while keeping our heroes relatable and engaging

I give it a full hearted thumbs up and you should definitely check it out.

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