Love lives here is the autobiographical story of Amanda Jette Knox and how her family’s life changed when first her child and then her spouse came out at as transgender.  It is a story of change, difficulties, and joys but most of love.

This book was a lot more personal then a lot of books I have reviewed. It generated a lot of emotions and took some time to process but now that I have, I felt compelled to share my feeling even though I bought the book just for myself.  The book chronicles the life of Amanda Jette Knox from her growing up, being bulled, even being set on fire, completing an alcoholic rehab while a teenager, meeting the love of her life and starting a family. A family that undergoes not one but two significant changes as she grows older.  The first when her child comes out as transgender and then again when her spouse confesses the same a year later.  The book does so much more than the just the portray broad outlines of events.  we are treated to how she felt, her highs and lows, her struggles and her coming acceptance of not just the new form of her family but a better understanding of herself.     She does not portray herself as someone who has all the answers or always did the right thing and we are taken a journey of love and growth that must be experienced.   This book spoke to me from the discussion she had with her spouse, to the parts where she learned who her true friends were  and especially when she detailed how she finally admitted that she needed help to make it through  for all this and more I give this book my most heartfelt recommendation

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