The choice that Morpheus poses to Neo between the “red pill” and the “blue pill” seems like a binary one. He even states it as such to Neo by saying you would either wake up in your bed or see how far the rabbit hole goes. I always saw a third option.

Take both pills.

Each pill is a reality but, each reality is inextricably linked together in symbiosis. By taking both pills, you do something that is impossible with only taking a single pill. You have a chance at congruence and bringing both worlds into harmony.

Cin The Ciege gives you that opportunity with The Gaytrix. Unapologetic and real, Cin The Ciege offers ten facets of their soul to show that struggle, pleasure, disappointment, evolution and Life are not the separate notes they seem to be. They all for a chord that fills every heart with Love.

Each track had me wishing for more. Cin’s vocals stand out on each track with a deep, soulful presence. But, simultaneously were personal and deliberate, extraordinary without being invulnerable. Lyrics are full of wonderful rhyme and bounce, juxtaposition and metaphor. His tone is meticulous yet unrepentant, poised without being brash. Some tracks groove along to rhythms precise as hip-hop and others bask in a more jazz or R&B arrangement, with reverb-heavy vocal cutting through like a voice of the divine.

I adore the honesty in the lyrical hooks of “Ugly Ass”. I find myself repeating them throughout my day, especially when frustrated with another person in this Life. “Meditate” is a missive of churn between self-care and being in this world but, not of this world. A skill that so many of us trying to survive this culture use constantly. Would love to hear longer remixes spun live of every track so we can sweat out our various fevers of soul.

The Gaytrix is available now on Bandcamp on Grimalkin Records. Also, Cin The Ciege will be appearing live Saturday, October 14th in Grimalkin Fest 2023, a two day music festival in the Richmond, VA area.

Proceeds from tapes for this release go to Black Pride RVA, powered by Us Giving RVA Connection. Us Giving RVA Connection exists to create partnership, foster inclusion and advance equality within the Black, LGBTQ+ and Greater Richmond communities. Black Pride RVA promotes the health and wellness of Black LGBTQ persons through celebration, education, and empowerment. Their vision is to actualize health equity within the Black LGBTQ community.

As a Sihn myself, listen to this Cin. You will not regret it, nor need any absolution.

By Sihn Starr Cartia

Artist. Musician. Writer. Anarcho. Punk. Goth. Gaymer. Streamer. Greetings.

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