Jey Pawlik

Pencilling and inking

Style / Genre:
Slice-of-life, lgbtq+, soft/wholesome cartoons

Contact info:
@jeypawlik on Twitter/Instagram

Page rate for commissions:
$60-$100 for comic work depending on complexity/size/colour.
All prices are listed at 

Rate for Prints of original work:
Books and prints will be/are available over at

Current affiliations:
Artist for and the 18+ comic website Filthy Figments [Affiliate link: ]

Previous work: 
Game Grumps Animateds [ ]
Oh Joy Sex Toy Guest Comic on Binders [ ]
The Ignatz winning “We’re Still Here: A Trans Anthology” [ ]

Current projects:
“Dead City” a post-apocalyptic queer romance webcomic written by Michelle Parker. [ ]
“Gender Slices” an autobio comic about being nonbinary in a ciscentric world. [ ]
A few NDA projects; but one is a 9 page dialog-less romance, and another is a cover for a new TTRPG

What was your first project that made you feel like a real artist and how did you get it?
When I was accepted into the “Where is Home Vol.2” Anthology [ ] in 2015 I felt like I could really do this comic thing after all. I was applying to anything and everything I could involving comic work and I managed to sneak into this one and draw a really meaningful comic about missing my mother. It was even mentioned in the Mississauga news [ ]

What is your primary inspiration when creating art?
Creating queer stories is the biggest thing that pushes me forward. I want to make the stories I wish I’d had growing up and I want to inspire the kids of the new generation to be themselves and be proud of that.

What other artists do you use to learn technique?
EK Weaver (TJ & Amal), Mad Rupert (Sakana) and Petra Nordlund (Tiger, Tiger) are big inspirations to me. Queer comics in black and white, semi-slice of life. I’ve read their works over and over again and every time I spot something new or gain even more appreciation for how they put their comics together. Everyone should read their work!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years with your art?    
Ideally I’d like to be working on a new webcomic and have a graphic novel under my belt! Hey First Second, call me!

What would your dream project be?
A long form webcomic that I’d get paid to produce but would be free for everyone to read. Something quiet, queer and wholesome. I want to create a story that makes people feel good after they read it.

Final four questions –we ask everybody

Q) When the zombies take over the world where will you be?
I’ve drawn a whole comic on exactly this. Find a safe place, lock the doors, eat peanut butter and wait it out. Bodies don’t take that long to rot and decompose.

Q ) How do you identify Jedi, lesbian,   Ninja, gay, vampire, bisexual, were-wolf, transgender,  pirate, asexual,  fairy, aromantic, sith, intersex,  Spartan, non-binary, wizard, genderfluid,  time lord , queer,  …?  ?
I’m a queer, trans, nonbinary person and I use they/them pronouns.

Q) What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?
Play “Undertale” despite what the internet says. Read “The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal” by EK Weaver. Watch “Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro” and study it.

Q) Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?
I’m a self-taught animator and comic artist. I went to Sheridan College for Visual and Creative Arts, not the animation program. After college I worked really hard to get into comics and taught myself everything by doing a lot of reading, research, and practicing. In 2013 a few friends let me help them on their thesis animations and that got my foot into the animation world, where I then also taught myself how to animate without going to any classes.

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