I am always on the look out for eclectic music so when I got a chance to check out the new album Mad and Killing time from EBB I knew I had to take a good long listen. I have to be honest as I listened to the first track, Vorspiel,  I was not sure what I was going to be getting since it was purely instrumental and seemed to encompass a wide variety of music styles. Some would call it Prog-Rock but I prefer the band’s term of Art Rock because the music speaks to you and conjures not just sound but images as you listen.  I very much enjoyed the third  track Tension with its melodic combination spoken word poetry, tight harmony and great vocals.   The one I enjoyed the most was Mary Jane  as its lyrics spoke to me with its story of trying to save a person from themselves.

Let me talk you down, sweet Mary Jane.

Put your drinking and your pills all down for me.

Let me silence all the screaming that you face.

Your experience is not your fate.

Let me remind you.

All in all I was quite happy with the album and it seemed to grow on me a little bit more every time I took another listen.   Be sure and check this one out.


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