Q    You do artwork, music and poetry, is there any other creative outlets you would like to try?

I am an avid writer of fiction and would like to publish a series of novels. I have a universe and a conlang that is a part of it. I am in the early planning stages of a comic book series that will incorporate music and my voice acting talents. Another Queer Exchange community member is starting a podcast project and I have connected with them. I came up with the title, “RomantiQueerotic”. The podcast is tenetively based on queer romantic and erotic arts, done in the style of “The No Sleep” podcast series. I am very excited about the project hope to collaborate with them in the future. Acting and spoken word performances are other avenues of expression that I wish to try.

Q    Your music seems to be centered around conflict and freedom, What draws you to these themes?

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and exploitation. This trauma occured during the first seventeen years of my Life. During this, I invented a universe to try and cope with what was happening to me. I began to read and speak at a very early age, as well as creating art. The library became one of my safe places. Through authors like Roald Dahl, Tolkien, Le Guin, Heinlien and Herbert, I felt that I could invent like they invented. Their works had themes of divine purpose, the balance of suffering and pleasure to find healing and empathic understanding. These themes lead me to find my own route to survival and to develop my morality and affirm who and what I really am. Everything I create is connected to the universe in which The Coil is a part. Trauma causes emotional cancer. There is no cure for it. This cancer does go into remission with treatment but, each arc of symptoms and treatment are as unique as each of us are. Trauma forces you to perform emotional and empathic alchemy. And trauma can be passed down through our genetic makeup generationally. Trauma processing is conflict. I seek to balance the chords of suffering and pleasure. When they are in harmony, healing, peace, inspiration and freedom result.

Q  How do you keep yourself inspired to create?

I do not find it a struggle to be “inspired”. My empathy and passions keep me engaged with this world. When I feel, I wish to learn. When I learn, I wish to share. I share because I wish to be connected and understood. This process keeps me inspired to keep creating. Even if I had no audience, this work would continue, until it was time for my body to recycle.

Q  Who are your biggest creative influences?

Science fiction, fantasy and horror writers of all generations. There would be way too many to name. Wendy Carlos, Janis Joplin, Tony Iommi, Penny Rimbaud and Gary Numan would be music influences but, again, I could name off hundreds. Sorayama, Nagel, Giger, Moebius definitely heavily influnce what I try to accomplish with my artworks.

Q) I saw you had collaborated with doing illustrations for Samantha Vail’s  poetry collection did you learn anything different with working  from another person’s vision?

Actually, Samantha Vail is my pen name. She is one of my inner personas that first had voice in my childhood. Frodo had his Sam. So, I have Samantha. I consider my inner personas as a psychic polycule. Trauma fragmented my inner voice. I went the extra step to give these fragments names and flesh them out.

But, I have collaborated with others in the past on creative work. I enjoy collaboration immensely. When working with others, it is important to understand that each of you on the team possess a skill that the others may or may not have. It is important to appreciate those differences and build a rapport that allows trust to be built, just as a conductor controls a symphony of individuals to create a single instrument. I may seem to have a overflowing toolbox of skills but, I know I can share those skills with others to bring their vision to our collective Life.

Q} if people want more info about you and your creative endeavors where should they go?

They should follow me @discardedtoymedia on both Facebook and Instagram. @thecoilofsihn and @samanthavailtravail on Facebook. Also, I have a online store that has t-shirts, posters, fine art prints, books and CDs available. I keep my Linktr.ee up to date. Music by The Coil Of Sihn is available on all platforms. I will be starting a Twitch and YouTube channel soon to share upcoming streaming content of a live radio show, a co-op video game stream of 7 Days To Die called The Isle Of Lesbos and live performances from my studio.

Final four questions –we ask everybody

Q) When the zombies take over the world where will you be?

I will be the leader of a survivalist community who employs a symbiotic philosophy over an autocracy. I cannot tell you where until I know you better, if you wish to be a member. But, we will train our bodies and minds with akkido, grow our own food and move as invisibly in a world of reanimated flesh.

Q )  What is your favorite Fandom

My mom founded a Star Trek fanclub in the late 60s. Star Trek has been a part of my world philosophy since then and I was present at the 3rd Star Trek Convention where they expected a few hundred fans and thousands showed up. Been watching Doctor Who since Jon Pertwee. I saw the first Star Wars movie for my eighth birthday after standing on the longest movie line in New York history. Been collecting Marvel and DC comics since the 70s. And have attended hundreds of anime, sci-fi and fantasy conventions.

Q) What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?

My child, Alex, died on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021. He was twenty-two years old. His body was afflicted with a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystroph. As his parent and caregiver, after diagnosis, I made it my mission to fill his soul with as much memories as I could in what I knew was to be his short lifespan. We travelled hither, dither and yon to try and see everything. From kitsch and corny roadside attractions, to just about every major historical, art and science museum in the United States. Concerts, arcades, natural wonders, I could go on for hours with our stories from our adventures on land and sea.

Which piece must be experienced? All. Do not hesitate. Do not wait until you have a diagnosis as your impetus. Life is meant to be lived. Art to one is trash to another but, all are culture and expand your soul. We all will reach recycle. But, I have an idea that what we experience is written into our soul. Nibble every tray in this buffet. You may not go back for seconds or thirds and you will have your favorites but, an open soul hungers for nourishment.

Q) Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?

I have always felt that most people when hearing about my past believe I am a liar. I have lived through a lot of darkness and moving experiences. My trauma story is extreme and that sets me apart. But, choosing a few, it would be that I have a recorded I.Q. of 187, I attended Woodstock ’69 with my Mom at two months old and met Nick Cave over breakfast in Chicago in 2002.

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