Andy Mangano

Specialties (i.e inker, penciler, computer colorer, painter)

painter, character design, animation, charcoal and pastel drawings.

Style / Genre

from cartoon to realist, I get em all

Contact info

Page rate for commissions

depends! It can vary from $20 to $200

Rate for Prints of original work


Current affiliations

 Student at Woodbury University. Independent artist on Redbubble.

Previous work

I used to be a dance teacher assistant for dance sport, zumba, choreo team, and more

Current projects

 I’m working on a very small zine called “Small Guide to Dreams.” I talk about lucid dreaming and my personal experience.

What was your first project that made you feel like a real artist and how did you get it?

I honestly don’t remember. I have always thought I was an artist, from the moment I decided to decorate the living room’s walls with my color pencils. I was four.

What is your primary inspiration when creating art?

 I look deeply into making people feel emotional, that’s my priority. I want my work to be impactful because I believe that art is communication: communication between centuries, cultures, and minds. We decided to paint cave walls and I find that incredible.

What other artists do you use to learn technique?

The person that really got me into wanting to work in animation was this artist on deviantart, years ago, called KicsterAsh. Here’s her twitter (@AshMichelleSims):

Where would you like to see yourself in five years with your art?

In a house that I can call home, with the people I belong with.

What would your dream project be?

Be Noelle Stevenson

Final four questions –we ask everybody

Q) When the zombies take over the world where will you be?

I wouldn’t even notice

Q ) How do you identify Jedi, lesbian,   Ninja, gay, vampire, bisexual, were-wolf, transgender,  pirate, asexual, fairy, aromantic, sith, intersex, Spartan, non-binary, wizard, genderfluid,  queer, …? ?

 I’m a little nonbinary queer goblin, collecting blankets and pillows. Use chocolate if you wish to approach, but be careful! Now you cannot get rid of me, ever. I adopted you.

Q) What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a ,book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?

Waiting for Godot!!! And Il Giovane Favoloso. And the Divine Comedy. And I Cerbiatti di Dioniso by Franco Ingrillí. And this one time I read this very cool fanfiction- 

Q) Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?

 It’s easier for people to believe that I’m an immoral being stuck at 12 years old than I’m actually 22. I don’t mind.

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