Tiara & Andrew are an alternative Folk-pop duo based out of Brunswick County, Virginia. TRIBE was inspired by some very heavy gravity in the life of Via Tiara. The EP itself was lost for a time during a confluence of crisis, death and diagnosis. Warrior and Beyond The Shadow give you a sense of impending rebirth. Tiara’s vocals reach for the ethereal and deliver the cosmic with lyrics soaked in old soul wisdom. Andrew’s accompanying guitar is a sturdy yet living bridge between your heart and the message the duo wish to deliver. And that is perservere. The cosmos may sling chaos to slow you down but, that is also an opportunity to pay attention to the details that you may miss at high speed.

The TRIBE(EP) is Tiara’s solo project. You can hear what she has to say about it here.

75% of digital proceeds on Bandcamp go to Tiara & Andrew and the other 25% supports Grimalkin‘s future releases.

By Sihn Starr Cartia

Artist. Musician. Writer. Anarcho. Punk. Goth. Gaymer. Streamer. Greetings.

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