So Nice Yesterday must be children of King Tubby. The dub revolution that he started is palpable in these five loving vibes of their Chant. From first to last, you are caressed in chill dub waves that expand time and consciousness. Even though the whole run time is just a smidge over sixteen minutes, each track flows smooth as smoke into the next into a continuous stream of pure spirit. A rapture that leaves you open for more. Smash that repeat all button. Let the tonearm rise and fall back to the starting track. You will hear something more with each meditation.

Visions will get you slinking up out of your seat towards the light. Lie To Me will make you believe that your obsession is Love. Scoop is a down low that you always needed to hear to snap you out of it. Ain’t That Type Of Party wakes you to check yourself before your hangover makes you do something regrettable. Listen to the saxophone. Follow the advice. Head into the street like the Good Lord hath told you to get your ass to the club and up on the dance floor.

Chant is now my go to for waking up, and also when I need to cleanse my mental palate to welcome beautiful Visions in my dreams.

Tape proceeds go to Grimalkin‘s current fundraisers. Berko Lover aka Tiaira Harris is Grimalkin’s Board Chair. 75% of digital proceeds on Bandcamp go to So Nice Yesterday and the other 25% supports future releases of Grimalkin’s various artists. Get your copies today.

By Sihn Starr Cartia

Artist. Musician. Writer. Anarcho. Punk. Goth. Gaymer. Streamer. Greetings.

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