I have enjoyed many years of role playing, miniature wargaming and board games but rarely have I found something that unites all of them into one experience.    Now I did have some misgivings because Gloomhaven is such a giant game with lots of rules and I had not played it before, but Jaws of the Lion was a great introduction.  It begins with simple scenarios each teaching you fundamental rules of the game that are still fun to go through. 

The game is a series of scenarios with reoccurring characters and branching narratives. The characters are varied and well balanced and while most can fit a standard role of tank, healer etc. they all have more dept to plumb.  The character’s actions are all defined by cards with the abilities well defined and makes the game run smoothly once you have played a couple of times.

The game is a great way to get people together to enjoy a party-based adventure without anyone having to be the DM and I look forward to playing though all the scenarios with my group.   This is definitely one you should pick up.

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