I have never really seen the point of “coffee table books” they always seemed to be more of a decoration meant to be looked at but never picked up and gone through, but I think I finally found a book I want to leave on my table (if my cat Firefly does not object).   365 gays of the year features people from across the globe, throughout history, and from every letter of LGBTQIA+ rainbow alphabet, assigning a person or persons of note to each day of the year.   Thus, it serves many purposes. I found it an enjoyable read with information about a lot of people I knew about and many I had not.  The illustrations are iconic and playful and perfectly suit the project.   

This book is perfect for sitting out and letting people stroll through to get a little insight into the people that helped shape the community a little bit at a time or in a couple longer sessions.  If you have the chance you should pick up for yourself or a gift for someone in the community.

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