You might have noticed that our output slowed down a little bit for the last two weeks. The first thing I want to say is a giant apology to the people’s projects that I have fallen behind a little bit in reviewing. Those should be appearing soon.

There are some good reasons and bad reasons for that.  The first thing happened is that I published my first book The Night Menagerie, a queer paranormal romance.

The second thing was the MO attorney general decided to declare war on the Trans Community in my state and enacted what could be a ban on affirming care for transgender individuals of any age.  This threw me into a bit of a depression, and I also have been struggling to get a response from my health care provider.  The only hope at this point is a lawsuit from the ACLU. Please send hopeful thoughts.

The other big piece of news is that from now on the website is going to be my full-time job.  You should see a lot more activity from us, but we will also be needing some support to be able to continue our goal of spotlighting the queer community.    If you are able to help  we appreciate it greatly.

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