One of the biggest things we try to promote on Paper Phoenix Ink is diversity and inclusion, so we jumped at the chance to have a conversation with Ariana Rebello. Ariana Rebello is a first-generation American of Indian descent, fashion and entertainment reporter, and the host and producer of the online show I Don’t Have Style Either,

Q I just got to check out your online show. I don’t have style either and have to say I am hooked. How did the show get started? What motivated you to do it?

A.            Thank you so much. I started working in Fashion when I was 19 as an intern at a fashion magazine. Through that I attended fashion week. I felt excluded by an industry that I loved so much I knew that I needed to open the space to any upcoming artists that wanted to grow in this field. I started I Don’t Have Style Either to show people that anyone can be stylish if they are confident in themselves and are comfortable with who they are.

Q.  I love that every interview you do is in a different place, how do you and the guest figure out a place that reflects them?

A.            I decided to change the location to reflect the guest’s personality and creativity as an artist. We figure this out by having a conversation about the places where the guest “feels at home” ; this could be their apartment or lounge in their favorite bar. We have shot in record shops, restaurants, art studios and workspaces.

Q While there have been some moves towards inclusion in fashion where do you think they are still missing the mark?

A.            This season I saw a lot of reversal in body positivity. There were fewer plus size models this year as the media reverts back to the Y2k level of skinny. This is so unhealthy and mentally damaging, not just for those involved but the young children who look to us as role models. I, myself was a kid in the early 2000’s, and as an adult, those unhealthy images  have still stuck with me. I hope that the media realizes that we are all just people who would like to feel good in what we wear. That is what fashion is supposed to be about, designing clothes that make everyone feel confident.

Q. What designers do you think do the best job at making their fashion inclusive?

A.            I could definitely name large brands that have hit the mark this year: Thom Browne, Christian Siriano, Vivienne Westwood and Marrisa Wilson. However, I would love to focus on growing designers that are truly changing the game: Dell Scott ( New York) , Cormio (Milan), Atsushi Nakshima( Milan) and KGL .

Q. What models do you think are the best examples of diversity in the industry

A.            I have always had another motivation, to push the representation of South Asian representation in Fashion. I believe that there have not been many South Asian models on the runway and am pleased to see a few new faces this season. Aishwarya Gupta who walked for Ferragamo this season, Ashley Radjarame, who walked for Stella McCartney and Paco Rabanne, and Neil Varel who walked for Boss this season.  But this list goes on, I believe the models who had the best walk this season were Akon Changkou and Alex Consani. Mind Blown.

Q. What are some of the new items coming this season that you think are must pickups?

A.            From what I picked up this season, there will be a lot more soft gray/ballet core in the winter and a lot of lace and ribbons. Simone Rocha’s ribbon makeup was the talk of the town. There will also be a lot of ruffles and asymmetrical dresses. But, as always, dress for yourself. Trends come and go, do what you love and walk the street everyday like it’s a runway.

Q. If people are wanting to craft their own fashion, do you have suggestions on where to start in making sure their clothes fit their authentic self?

A.            To clarify, I am no designer, but I would say in general that the best way for anyone to stay true to their authentic self is to stop listening to the hate and the people trying to change you. As you grow as a person and an artist, there will always be people telling you what you can’t do and that you aren’t enough. But anytime I feel the urge to give the haters my time, I start to think of life as a tunnel that I am strutting in. Play some Megan Thee Stallion and sashay straight towards your dreams.

Q.  How can our readers keep up with you or I don’t have style either?

A.            You can watch our show on NY2C or through our Instagram and Tiktok @Idonthavestyleither show ! We can’t wait to be your bestie.

Final 4 questions we ask everybody

Q. When the zombies take over the world, where will you be?

1.            When the zombies take over, I will be inside my house watching Paris Hilton’s My Next BFF, a must watch. It will change your life.

Q. What is your favorite Fandom

2.            Me. I am my own fan. A close second would be Deepika Mutyala’s Live Tinted Brand. Thank you Deepika for making a line of makeup that fits my skin tone. I am forever in your fandom.

Q. What piece of art, be it in the form of music, a book, a film or picture, do you think people must experience before they die?

3.            Film controls 99% of how I like to dress and therefore live, so I would like to thank the Costume Designers with my answer and say “ Almost Famous” because of Betsy Heimann, “ Clueless” because of Mona May, and “ To Catch A Thief” because of Edith Head.

Q. Give one fact that most people would not believe about you?

4.            I have a weird connection with Portugal because I am 100% Goan. The first few years of my life, I only spoke Portuguese.

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