The world  of love and relationships is one that has many facets and expressions and for some people the idea of a monogamous relationship is not the best fit but even for the people whose heart is open to more then one person it be difficult to  understand how things should work or communicate their desires to others. This is the task that Opening up , a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships by Tristan Taomino tackles. 

The book is broken down into three parts choosing an open relationship, the styles of open relationships and finally the creating and maintaining these partnerships.  The first section of the book is something I believe anyone would benefit from reading. It breaks down the assumptions that most people make when dealing with romantic partners. It exposes some of pitfalls that we make when communicating and advises you to really take a look at your needs and your companions needs.  

The second part of the books breaks down the different types of non-monogamy that  exist out in the world,  because just like monogamy does not work for all people not all types of poly relationships work for everyone.

The third part of the book breaks down how to discuss with your partners what you want and what they want out of relationships so that they can be built on a groundwork of trust and honesty.  Which is the more important part of any kind of relationship.

 The best part of the book and the thing I found the most refreshing was that it is not just advice and words on a page – it also includes discussions with real people who are practicing polyamory and shows the things that have and have not worked for them. 

The book is a great starting point for determining if you and polyamory would be a good fit and I recommend it to everyone that is in any style of relationship.

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