Ultra PRO International LLC , has partnered with Critical Role, a media company dedicated to storytelling and worldbuilding, to introduce a new line of accessories that both Critters and newcomers will love. That’s right: for the very first time, the fan favorite adventuring parties from Critical Role are getting a gaming accessory collection of their very own, featuring characters from every Critical Role campaign. Vox Machina (Campaign 1), Mighty Nein (Campaign 2), and Bells Hells (Campaign 3, currently airing) will all see their own gaming accessories, perfect for tabletop RPGs of all kinds!

“When you think of quality tabletop gaming accessories, Ultra PRO is at the top of the list. Their team has been a dream to work with, and the products they’ve created for us are just incredible,” said Critical Role’s Licensing Manager Shaunette DeTie. “We are thrilled for Critters everywhere to get a chance to check them out for themselves and bring their favorite characters with them to their own gaming tables.”

Each Bells Hells character will be featured on their own character folio, the ultimate tool in tabletop game organization, so fans can choose their favorite, or collect the whole party. Folios showcase Bells Hells artwork and everything needed for a great adventure. The line also includes playmats featuring both previous Critical Role campaign crews, Vox Machina deck-protector sleeves, and tons of great dice-related items to aid in tabletop rolling, such as Dice Towers and Leatherette Dice Trays, all featuring Critical Role patterns!

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