A pack of her own tells the story  of  Natalie Donovan a woman who needs a break to get over the break up of  long term relationship and takes up her boss on her offer to take a break at their cabin in a small town.  The last thing she wants is a new romance but she is instantly captivated when she runs into Wren the local diner owner.  The only problem is that now she is up to her ears in shape shifter conflict, and she is not sure what effect coming out to her new girl friend will have on their budding relationship.

Elena  abbot’s latest work seems to have been designed for me,  strong female lead (check),  supernatural drama and action (check) and a honest depiction of issues that transgender people deal with (check).    She tells the story from alternating points of view in each chapter letting us see the plot develop from both Natalie and Wren’s  side. It is a nice touch and lets the reader connect with the characters.   There are points in the story especially the beginning where there are moments that feel like just a big exposition drop without much context that threw me off a little bit. But at the end of the I was there for love story between Wren and Natalie and that part I loved.   The pair had both experienced trauma and it was dealt with in a honest but still hopeful manner. 

If you like your paranormal with a big helping of romance and action this is one you need to check out.

The book will be released on March 16, 2023  and you can get a copy at https://www.bellabooks.com/product/9781636793702/

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