I am what some people call old and I have played a lot of TTRPG’s  all the way back to the blue book basic DND set that came with not dice but chits to pull out of a cup instead of rolling to hit.   The game mesmerized and confused the hell out of me, and that is why I am so appreciative of the Pathfinder beginner box.   The book advertises itself as everything you need to start playing Pathfinder and truth be told it delivers.  

The first thing that you pull out is the 72 page Hero’s handbook which contains all the rules on combat, taking actions and class abilities for fighters, wizards , clerics and Rogue including customization options for taking them to level 3.  There is also descriptions of spells, skills and all the gear a basic character could want to take with them to a dungeon.  

The next thing is a 88 page Game Master’s guide  which contains a sample adventure as well as  4 pre-made characters for players to jump into the  dungeon.  Not only does the book give you a introductory adventure it provides rules for creating encounters, traps, puzzles and  rewards for the players  setting up everything you need to start designing your own missions.

All the rules for both the hero and game master section do no pre-suppose any knowledge of  role playing game and easy to follow for people of any experience level with gaming.

The last thing is perhaps my favorite coming off my experience with the blue book way back in the day.  It contains dice, a fold out map for running combat and over 80 pawns (basically paper miniatures)  with great art, perfect for helping new players sink deep into the game and forgetting reality for a couple hours.

Now is also the best time to check out Pathfinder Humble bundle is running a so you want to check out pathfinder set.  The set contains just about everything you could want for first edition Pathfinder but at the highest level also includes ,   the second edition beginner box, the second edition core rule book and the second edition bestiary (digital editions)  for an incredible low price.    Hit the link below to check it out (and no I am not getting any kickbacks – but hmm maybe I should check into affiliate advertising)


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