The Orion Experience (T.O.E.), the cosmic pop stars whose surprise hit “The Cult of Dionysus” went viral on social media in 2020, confirmed today the release of their first new record in two years. Their fifth album Cosmicovers will be released on May 19 via Sweet! Records hot on the heels of their 150 million streams on Spotify, 53.4 million views on Youtube and 8.36 million streams on Apple Music.Cosmicovers is a fantastic voyage through the musical influences and styles that have shaped The Orion Experience as a band since their inception. The new album is a loving tribute to the artists that inspire them; an eclectic mix of both contemporary and legacy artists – some you may recognize instantly and others perhaps less so. But one thing is for certain, one listen to Cosmicovers and you will be bowled over by T.O.E.’s new takes on some old (and new) favorites. Track Listing below:1. Hopelessly Devoted to You (Olivia Newton-John)2. Wrecking Ball (Mother Mother)3. Different Drum (Linda Ronstadt)4. Oxygen (Beach Bunny)5. Moving (Kate Bush)6. Lemon Boy (Cavetown)7. Ride a White Swan (T. Rex)8. Jenny (Studio Killers)9. Starman (David Bowie)T.O.E. approached these songs as both fans as well as musicians with the goal of creating an entirely new approach to classic hits like David Bowie’s “Starman,” or Linda Ronstadt’s “Different Drum,” as well as newer songs like Cavetown’s “Lemon Boy” or Studio Killers’ “Jenny.” Every song on Cosmicovers will be a brand-new listening experience. Olivia Newton-John’s “Hopelessly Devoted to You” is re-imagined with a Motown groove. Mother Mother’s stomp-rocker “Wrecking Ball” is reconstructed to sound like a Saturday Night at the Roller Rink and Beach Bunny’s “Oxygen” has become a symphonic daydream

.Lead singers Orion Simprini and Linda XO take center stage with their signature brand of irresistible vocal harmony, creating complex melodies that are surprisingly easy to sing along with. Guitarist Reef Roxx layers technicolor riffs that sound like a laser rainbow, while an assorted group of T.O.E.’s favorite musical mischief makers lend a hand to create this galactic groove.

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