Fast Travel Games and developer TREBUCHET today released the first free content update for the multiplayer VR sword fighting game Broken Edge. The update introduces the mighty Viking and his themed arena to the game. The developer also revealed a post-launch development roadmap for Broken Edge, including additional fighters, gameplay features, and quality-of-life improvements for an enhanced sword-fighting experience.

Two more fighters with themed arenas will be added to Broken Edge’s lineup of iconic duelers this year, offering a wider selection of unique combat styles to master. Apprentices can soon unlock different swords via the Multi-blades feature, encouraging fresh strategies and tactics in the arena. Aspiring warriors can also soon strive for glory – and rewards – by securing a top spot in the Ranks System, which highlights the best duelers from across the globe.

Broken Edge is now available on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR. To learn more about Broken Edge, visit the official website, follow @BrokenEdgeVR on all major social media platforms, and join fellow fighters on the game’s Discord.

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