Para Bellum Games, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame “Conquest: The Last Argument of
Kings” and Skirmish ruleset “Conquest: First Blood,” kicks off the new year with a new faction! Heirs to the vast
knowledge of the Old Dominion, the City States display their might through a mix of technology and magic,
empowering their troops. Fueled by the leeched power of their designed Gods, the City States twist the familiar
tropes of Ancient Greek mythology, bringing their own aesthetic and specialized rules on the tabletop. Favoring
phalanx formations and mythological brutes, their armies are empowered by reality bending knowledge which
fuels mechanically enhanced troops, turning each and every troop on the field into a killing machine!

“Imagine the near-perfect war-machine that was the phalanx,” says Founder and Creative Director, Stavros
Halkias. “Now add piston-propelled spear thrusts. This simple basis is what forged the idea of the City States:
myths like Talos and finds like the Antikythera mechanism fused together with Spartan war-culture and
mythological beasts!” Indeed, one can expect the City States to field anything from clockwork soldiers to fire-
breathing chariots, titans with marble and metal hands and minotaurs equipped for war! Already available for pre-
order, the City States enter the fray with two characters – the Polemarch and the Aristarch – and four regiments –
1 Infantry Dual Kit of Phalangites/Hoplites and 1 Brute Dual Kit of Minotaur Haspists/Thyreans. A Two Player
Starter Set of City States vs. Nords has also been made available for pre-order, giving a good taste of the new
faction and offering two limited edition character designs for the Polemarch and the Nord Konungyr!

The first entries of the City States have begun shipping now, along with the ‘Two Player Starter Set: Nords Vs The
City States’ box with an SRP of 179.99 USD/EU. All orders may be released on receipt, and arrivals can be expected
between the 20 th and 27 th of February across the Globe to all FLGS and gamers.

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