I’ve been a fan of Steampunk for a long time and had always a soft spot in my heart for war machine,  the art and the lore inspired me and while I never dug deep into playing the game. I always kept one eye on it. Then recently I got the chance to check out the latest version of the role-playing campaign setting.   The previous edition was a stand alone version using its own rules while Requiem uses the 5th edition DnD rule set.  Now if the recent events surrounding WOTC have left a sour taste this is a chance to play a game using those core rule books you have in an entirely new setting.

Requiem starts out with a history of the Iron Kingdoms a place where the dragons are toxic, the trolls are vocal and the mechs are tall.  One thing I always liked about when Privateer press puts out a new update to their rules is that they move the lore forward. So that you feel like it’s a living breathing world that does not stay stagnant. The history section contains everything you need to be brought up to speed even if this your first visit to the Iron Kingdoms.

Then come my favorite section even when I am going to be the Game Master I always check out the character options first. I mean if players can’t get excited about the roles they are going to play then what is even the point.  They have stats for all the races who call Caen home , gobbers   humans, Iosan (  Nyss, Orgun , Rhulic Dwarves, and Trollkin.  All  with traits  that make them recognizable to any fan of Fantasy but with their own distinct history and specific characteristics.    Then there are the class options besides being able to play anything from the players handbook they have rules for alchemists, gun fighter,  mechanik and of course the gun mage and war casters where most people familiar with the setting gravitate to.  The book also expands options for the traditional DnD sub-classes. Including fell callers, storm knights and the mage hunter (which I would play if I could ever get someone else to run). 

There is a large selection of backgrounds and one of my favorite things from the previous edition Iron Kingdoms RPG the adventuring companies, which allow  the players to form an organization from first level and gain more advantages as the gain renown in the campaign.

Of course,  what would a steampunk themed be without the technology.  The book details steam tech weapons, guns and the mandatory inclusion of War Jacks towering steam powered mechs of the battlefield.   Which could be a great use for the book even if you just wanted to include these additions to any DnD Campaign.  

All in all, while I miss the old stand-alone rules for the RPG this has a lot of great options for both hard core fans of the setting and people who want to spice up their traditional 5E gaming.

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