The ability to access T gender affirming hormones at an early age can be of potentially life saving importance to Tran-youth and so it was of great interest when I found out the experts at Radar Healthcare had put out a Global Health Inequalities Report ( ) regarding the ages it was available in various countries I was intrigued.

The report showed that Countries leading the way for access to transgender hormone treatment for young individuals are Canada and New Zealand, who both allow young residents to undergo hormone therapy from the age of 14.

Slovenia and Denmark emerged in joint second place, offering hormone treatment to transgender individuals from the age of 15. 

The United States, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Malta, and Liechtenstein are in third place with hormone treatment allowed from 16. 

In the UK, the required age varies according to nation, with treatment allowed to start from 16 in Scotland, 17 in England, 18 in Wales, and 15 in Northern Ireland. 

In Luxembourg and Germany, the age one can begin hormone treatment depends on the maturity of the individual. In Germany, this means that if the individual has undertaken the correct amount of therapy and has an ‘indication letter’, they can undergo HRT (hormone replacement therapy) under public health insurance. 

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