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What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
     – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

so I have gotten questions about how I chose my name. I would love to say I had some grand quest and inspiration that led me unerringly to it , like I wanted to be one part Katherine Hepburn , one part  Catherine of Aragon and a smidge of  Kathryn Janeway but the story is far simpler.   

  As is the case for most trans people I went through several iterations. The first one that hung around for awhile was Jaime Douglas,  Before I came out to myself – I joked about how I should write romance novels under a non gendered pen name composed of parts of my dead name. The “joke” about going by a non masculine name hung around for so long I should maybe have looked at it more closely sooner.   So when I came out to my wife and started my first blog it just seemed natural to go by it , also unlike some names there was no way to just feminize  Douglas  (Douglia …IDK) .  Then I started  thinking you know I need a new middle name too and then I was like you know I am making myself to be who I truly am why should I be beholden to things that only felt partially like me.  So I threw everything out and was like what inspires me. The first one I seriously considered was Róisín Dubh (black rose in gaelic) which is both a name and an old Irish song but I know how much trouble some people have with my cousin Siobhan’s name so I decided I did not want the hassle.  Then I started thinking about maybe some characters from novels , which led me to Shakespeare and to Beatrice, my favorite character from Much Ado about Nothing, which I felt a strong connection to but did not seem to fit perfectly.  Then I was like other Shakespeare women and came across Katherine from taming of the shrew  which is a horrible character but as I rolled the name around in my head it just felt like….home. I want to say it’s more than that but when people call me that it feels right and natural. Hell, after about a year of my close friends and family using it feels like I have been her my whole life and I guess I have. 

Second you get original stories from yours truly and the occasional pieces of character concept art or just general queer art. Like these Queer unicorns/

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