: Young People in Recovery (YPR) is proud to announce the launch of weekly
Rainbow Recovery meetings that are available nationwide via Zoom to support LGBTQ+ youth
and young adults struggling with drugs and alcohol. The meetings are every Thursday at 6:30pm
MT and welcome all pathways to recovery such as medication-assisted, harm reduction, 12-Step,
faith-based, SMART recovery, and others. The meetings offer an opportunity to focus on the
hope found in recovery and the unique lived experience of LGBTQ+ people who are in recovery,
or who are seeking recovery, from substance use.
YPR is national, peer-led organization that provides recovery support services focusing on youth
and young adults in recovery from substance use disorder. YPR aims to improve access to
resources such as housing, education and employment that sustain long-term recovery. By
creating a national network of individuals in recovery, YPR empowers people to get involved in
their communities by providing them with the tools and support to take charge of their futures.
Rainbow Recovery was founded in 2019 by YPR staff members from the LGBTQ+ community
to forge connection in the virtual sphere during the Covid pandemic and to let queer youth in
recovery know that there was a safe space available to them. While 9% of the general population
struggles with substances, as much as 30% of the LGBTQ+ community is affected.
Discrimination, stigmatization, trauma, hate speech, hate crimes, public humiliation, and other
external and internal homophobia are among the many reasons why substance use disorder is so
pervasive. And yet many LGBTQ+ people are unwelcome or rejected even when they seek
treatment for substance use or recovery support services. Rainbow Recovery was designed to fill
this gap and create a more welcoming and culturally sensitive space for LGBTQ+ people to find

For additional information on Young People in Recovery, please visit
http://www.youngpeopleinrecovery.org or contact ann.herbst@youngpeopleinrecovery.org
Rainbow Recovery will be meeting weekly on Thursdays at 6:30pm MT.
Zoom ID: 880 4681 4680

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